As the world battles to overcome the recent outbreak of Covid19, we have all had to make changes to our normal routine in the bid to ensure our safety. Unfortunately, this has led to people with non-COVID-19 ailments avoiding going to Hospitals, leading to preventable complications and death.

Ten days ago, we had a patient who had acute appendicitis. But because of the fear that going to the Hospital might expose him to Covid19 infection, he stayed home hoping to manage his symptoms. Unfortunately, by the time he presented at the Hospital, his appendix had ruptured.

There are other stories of people who tried to self-medicate at home, and subsequently developed serious complications. It is understandable that people have tried to avoid going to the Hospital but the fact is that many hospitals have since put in place measures to ensure the safety of their patients.

We at FaithCity Hospital have put in place extensive Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) measures that enable us to operate in a manner that ensures the safety of both our staff and our clients. In light of this, we strongly advise anyone with non-covid19 ailments to either visit their hospital or call their Doctor on the phone to avoid complications.

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