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Safety Procedures

During this Covid-19 pandemic, certain modifications have been made to curb the spread of the coronavirus and protect ourselves as well as our patients.

– Compulsory screening before resumption of duties which includes checking of temperature and taking a brief history for fever, cough, difficulty in breathing, sore throat etc. Any staff with any of these symptoms will be kept in the holding bay for further evaluation.
– Ensure hand washing before resumption of duties and upon close of work as well as while on duty.
– All staff members are expected to wear a face mask while on duty
– Observe social distancing while on duty
– Avoid unnecessary movement within the hospital. All staff members are expected to be at their duty post while on duty.

All patients must be screened upon entering the hospital vicinity by the screening personnel
on PPE. This includes checking of temperature and taking a brief history for fever, cough, difficulty in breathing and sore throat etc. This history also includes a recent visit to some hospitals that have recently treated patients with coronavirus infection.

– Consultations will be done outside if required and medication given.
– All outpatients must wear a face mask before entering the hospital.
– Patients must observe social distancing while sitting at the lobby
– Any patient suspected of having Covid-19 infection will be kept in the holding bay while the NCDC is contacted for the evacuation of the patient
– Other vital signs should be withheld including blood pressure and pulse rate unless in cases of absolute necessity when required by the managing Physician.
– Reduce unnecessary follow-up visits for patients. Follow-up can be done via a phone call.
– During out-patient consultation, we must ensure social distancing
– Avoid any unnecessary physical examination and ensure the use of protective gears during the examination. Throat, nose and Eye examination are prohibited.
– All patients requiring a refill of medication for chronic diseases like Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus etc are expected to call the hospital for proper arrangements to be made to avoid unnecessary hospital contact. These patients will be called when their drugs are available and medication pick-up can be done outside the hospital while ensuring bills are signed promptly.
– Any patient requesting for delivery of medications at home will be done if possible. He/she will be required to pay a delivery fee which is dependent on his/her location.

– This is reserved for cases exclusively requiring inpatient management.
– Ensure adequate precautions while attending to inpatients.
– Visitors are not allowed. Only a spouse or parent will be allowed to stay with an inpatient. Any of these visitors must always wear a face mask.
– All inpatients must wear a face mask while on admission. Before any inpatient is seen, we must ensure the patient puts on his/her face mask.

Laboratory, Sonography and Radiological services

– All unnecessary investigations that will lead to inadvertent exposure must be avoided. The Clinician can treat empirically to minimize patient and staff exposure. However, all necessary investigations should be carried out while observing adequate precautionary measures.

– Any compulsory Sonological (inclusive of Echo) or radiological procedure must be done while using adequate PPE. The patient must wear a facemask as well

– Elective Endoscopies are withheld unless if absolutely necessary in cases of Emergencies. This will be done discretely with adequate PPE.

Ensure constant supply of soap and hand sanitizers in all parts of the hospital inclusive of the wards
– Constant disinfection of all surfaces every three to four hours.

– Telemedicine will be conducted as often as possible to limit exposure.