Why Choose Us?

Personalized, advanced care. We are small enough to treat each patient in a caring, personalized way, yet large enough to offer the most advanced diagnostics and treatments possible. Our strong tradition of medical excellence coupled with our affiliation with well known International Health Care Systems bring world-class innovation, research and technology to each one of our patients.

Excellent Physicians
Our physicians, educated at various leading medical schools, continue to advance their knowledge by training the next generation of medical students. They also participate in educational seminars for the public, willingly sharing their knowledge and helping you stay well.

Friendly, professional staff
Our friendly service and attention to detail make patients feel they are treated like a person, rather than a diagnosis. From the moment our employees begin working at Faithcity Hospital, they participate in different quality trainings and are encouraged to continuously improve the care they deliver to patients. They treat you the way they themselves would want to be treated.

Our focus on quality results in top marks in surveys by national accrediting organizations, making Faithcity Hospital a model for other hospitals.

Other Factors

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Our Mission
To make available quality health care and clinical excellence to our clients.